Reducing Clutter Before a Move – Saskatoon, SK


Reducing Clutter Before a Move – Saskatoon, SK 

The best time to declutter your home is before moving. Since you will already have movers take your belongings to your new home or to a facility for household storage in Regina, that makes perfect sense. To streamline the decluttering process, consider the following tips.


  • Sell – Why not try to make some extra money before moving? If you have enough time, you can hold a garage sale. If not, you can still advertise items online. Although there are many different possibilities, an excellent recommendation is a social media swap and shop page that covers your area. You can then use the money earned for things like meals while on the road, or even put it toward temporary household storage in Regina.
  • Donate – Some people have a hard time letting go of possessions. If that strikes a chord with you, instead of looking at it as losing something, consider the people on the other end that will benefit from your action. Be realistic about the items you want to keep. If you have not used something for the past six months, then perhaps it is not necessary. Along with decluttering your home, there are two additional benefits when donating. First, you can take a tax deduction on the items that you give to a charitable organization, and second, by lightening the moving load, you will likely spend less for a professional service.
  • Recycle – Another way to declutter before moving is to either take recyclable items to a drop-off site or have a recycling company pick them up. In addition to recycling, many businesses will gladly take things off your hands for repurposing. Depending on the moving and storage company you hire, there is an excellent chance that it offers recycling services along with a host of other solutions.
  • Discard – Finally, you can toss out items that you do not keep, sell, recycle, or donate. By going through the previous steps, there should not be much leftover to discard.


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