DIY Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them From Country Wide Moving


The best way to avoid making mistakes when moving is to rely on professional Saskatoon movers. Working on your behalf, an experienced and highly-trained team of experts handles most of the work. As you can imagine, that eliminates a great deal of stress, as well as errors. However, if you decide to move, take time to learn the most common DIY moving mistakes and how to avoid them.


Top 5 Mistakes and Remedies


  1. Wrong-Sized Truck – Underestimating the size of your move could result in you renting a truck too small for the job. If the rental company has nothing else available, you would have to make multiple trips. Not only does that extend the time to complete the move but it also costs you additional money. Either make sure you know the size of truck to rent or rely on professional Saskatoon movers who have an entire fleet.


  1. Poor Quality Boxes – While there is nothing wrong with dumpster diving for boxes, too often, people end up with poor-quality boxes. Because of that, the bottoms open, spilling and damaging the contents. Always inspect boxes carefully to avoid stains, rips, and tears. Even better, purchase materials from Saskatoon movers or have them do the packing for you.


  1. Inadequate Manpower – Not having adequate labor for a self-move early enough is another mistake. Even if you have a lot of friends and a large family, it is challenging to gather the people you need. Make sure you begin your search months ahead of the scheduled move and follow up several times leading up to moving day.


  1. No Insurance – Another mistake is not having insurance coverage. To protect yourself and your possessions, always buy the insurance offered for the truck rented. In addition, talk to your provider to inquire about full replacement cost insurance. Otherwise, hire the right Saskatoon movers who carry insurance and provide it to their customers.


  1. Poor Planning – Experienced movers pay attention to the smallest detail. They determine the best route to avoid delays. The result is a seamless process from start to finish. Poor planning causes a tremendous amount of chaos. DIY movers become lost, stuck in rush hour traffic, have trouble finding a place to park, do not have the appropriate equipment for maneuvering stairs and elevators, and so on.


To avoid mistakes of a DIY move, allow our team of professionals at Country Wide Moving & Storage to assist.