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Moving Services in Saskatoon

Outstanding Moving Services in Saskatoon, SK From Country Wide Moving & Storage


If you called several moving companies to inquire about assistance in moving a piano, you now realize they are not all the same. While some movers handle everything, others have limitations. To have your piano transported from one address to another, Country Wide Moving & Storage offers outstanding moving services.

Whether you have an older piano passed down from generation to generation or a new baby grand, you expect the moving company you hire to take extreme care. After all, these instruments have sensitive components. For that reason, you need a team of experts with both experience and expertise. Our movers have both, along with extensive training on how to handle a piano, as well as other oversized and expensive items.


Moving Services In Saskatoon, SK


When using professional piano moving services, you should expect several things. Make sure the company you hire documents every step of the process on the contract. That way, should something go wrong, you have proof when filing a claim. Also, select a company with excellent insurance options. Moving a piano requires strong muscles, a strategic plan, and the appropriate equipment.

  • Equipment and Tools – As part of our piano moving services, our team of experts relies on specialized equipment and tools, such as ramps, skids, pads, and slings.
  • Dismantling – Depending on the piano, the team will either move it in one piece or dismantle it. Typically, we transport smaller pianos as is, whereas, grand and concert pianos require some degree of dismantling. That alone requires a great deal of skill, which we offer at Country Wide Moving & Storage.
  • Wrapping – Before loading your piano onto the moving truck, we wrap it and any moving parts to prevent damage. Due to the wrapping we use, the instrument has optimum protection.
  • Cranes – For extra-heavy or large pianos on a second floor or higher in a building without an elevator big enough to accommodate, we use a crane to hoist it to the ground. Once down, our movers carefully place it on a dolly and then use either a ramp or lifting equipment to get it onto the truck.

Moving a piano involves many intricate steps, which means you need a qualified team to handle the job. At Country Wide Moving & Storage, our piano moving services are just one of the many solutions we provide. The combination of experience, training, and dedication ensures your instrument will arrive at your new home or business unscathed and ready to enjoy.