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Allied Moving Company Agent in Kindersley, SK

A Proud Agent of the Allied Moving Company in Kindersley, SK

Our attention to detail is one reason people trust us at Country Wide Moving. Customers have also come to rely on us for our stellar service at an affordable price. Our years of experience and highly skilled staff have made us what we are today, the most reliable moving company serving people in and around Kindersley, SK.

There’s another reason why we stand apart from the competition. Country Wide Moving is an agent of the Allied moving company. For the past 90-plus years and continuing today, this mover surpasses its customers’ expectations. In addition to covering all 50 states, the Allied moving company offers an abundance of superior quality services.

Our partnership with the Allied moving company gives us a unique advantage. Especially for people moving outside of Kindersley, SK, we have immediate access to anything needed to ensure a seamless process. The incredible connection that we have with the Allied moving company allows us to provide all our customers with the same calibre of service anywhere in the US and Canada.

If you plan to move from Kindersley, SK to a different province or somewhere in the US, we guarantee that a team of experts will handle everything on both ends. That means qualified professionals will show up at your current home to load your belongings and a different, yet just as a qualified team, at your new address to unload.


Packing and Unpacking Services

If you use our packing and unpacking services, you’ll have a specialized team working hard at each address. While one group of workers carefully packs your possessions and then loads them in the truck, you’ll find another skilled team waiting at your new destination to unload, unpack, and place the items in their respective places.

By having a healthy partnership with Allied, we also have access to additional high-end trucks if needed, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and top-quality supplies. All you have to do is hire Country Wide Moving, and we’ll do everything else.


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Instead of feeling stressed about your upcoming move, we invite you to contact us at Country Wide Moving. Along with outstanding relocation services, we offer a clean and secure storage facility. Of course, by working with the Allied moving company, we can arrange for storage anywhere in North America.


Local Resources

There are plenty of things to do in Kindersley, SK, including dining out, shopping, visiting parks, and more. With a regional airport, flying into and out of this city is extremely easy. For fun, you could visit the Kindersley Arts and Culture Center or spend time in the beautiful outdoors.