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Allied Van Lines in Alberta, Canada

Alberta’s Allied Van Lines AgentAllied Van Lines in Alberta, Canada

Alberta, one of the provinces located in the western region of Canada, has an incredibly diverse topography. Along with a beautiful mountain range are coniferous forests, desert badlands, and prairies. This region is also part of the Waterton–Glacier International Peace Park that crosses over the southern border of the United States. In addition to its rich outdoor elements, Alberta has a broad range of housing communities and businesses.

For your upcoming move, whether heading to Alberta or moving to an entirely different part of North America, Country Wide Moving has a perfect solution. People choose us over other moving companies for a variety of reasons, including our customized services, specialized teams, high level of professionalism, and affordable pricing. However, there’s another reason, our partnership with Allied Van Lines.


A Proud Agent of Allied Van Lines

Founded in 1928, Allied Van Lines has become synonymous with excellence. Although this company began serving corporate customers, it evolved into a full-service corporation that assists with both commercial and residential relocations. By serving as an agent, we have many advantages over our competition.

  • Information – Serving as an agent of Allied Van Lines, we have immediate access to a wealth of information. Whether we need data on a vaulted or warehousing facility or the safest routes, we get the details we need to ensure our customers receive the best service possible.
  • Trucks – Another benefit of this partnership is the long list of trucks available. With such a vast fleet, we can accommodate virtually any move.
  • Equipment – For our team at Country Wide to perform at an optimal level, they need to have top-of-the-line equipment and tools. Not only does that allow them to work more efficiently but also safer. Again, our connection with Allied Van Lines guarantees that all teams working on your move have what they need to provide stellar service.
  • Resources – When moving to a different city or state, it takes several teams to ensure prompt delivery of your goods. The experts on both the loading and delivery end have years of experience and extensive training. For you as the customer, that means receiving quality service throughout the moving process.


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